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InnoCenter's services
Complex and methodical support the development and implementation of projects aimed at creation of innovative infrastructure’s elements
Monitoring potential and efficiency of development of social-economic systems on micro- and mesolevel
Designing the development strategies for enterprises and organizations
Formation the priority trends of micro- and mesosystems development for enhancing the competitiveness and investment attractiveness
Developing the marketing and image strategies, strategies for knowledge and intellectual capital management in organizations
Support the innovative projects for the preparation of investment
Marketing research
Concept of InnoCenter
Mission of InnoCenter is
to generate the social- economic scientific-practical knowledge,
which is indispensable for the sustainable growth of Tver State University
and Tver region

The purpose of InnoCenter is
to encourage the formation of effective scientific-educational and innovative environment in Tver region by conducting complex applied social- economic research, making practical recommendations as one of the results of the research, and organization a communicating platform for interaction of the representatives of science, business and government.
carrying out applied researches and management activities aimed at improvement of innovative activity and innovative infrastructure of Tver State University, organizational structure and management system, development of human capital, corporate culture, marketing activity, etc., scientific rational for administrative decisions at university, maintaining traditions of Tver InnoCentre which were started by E.A.Lurye
studying a current economic situation in Tver region and carrying out complex research laying the cornerstone of sustainable economic growth, the enhancing of effectiveness and development of regional economy, making practical recommendations on formation of poles of innovative growth, structural and technological modernization of the region, development a communicative platform for representatives of scientific, educational and business environment
the Concept for the Long-Term Social and Economic Development of the Russian Federation for the Period till 2020;
Strategy for Innovative Development of the Russian Federation 2020;
Strategy of Social and Economic Development of Central Federal District for the Period Till 2020;
Foresight of the Long-Term Science and Technological Development of the Russian Federation;
the Programme of Fundamental Research for the Public Academies of Sciences for 2013-2020;
State Programme of the Russian Federation on Development of Science and Technologies in the 2013-2020;
State Programme on Development of Education in the 2013-2020;
In its activity, Center is guided by:
Key activities
monitoring the university science and technology parks;
regional innovative infrastructure;
the higher school in innovative economy;
regional cluster policy;
indicative assessment and planning of the regional development